Aquamatic Valves

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An Aquamatic valve is a pneumatic or hydraulically operated valve, commonly used on large commercial and industrial water softeners and water filters. Aquamatic valves work around a rubber diaphragm that over the course of many actuations may start to leak. Additionally, the insides of these valves may suffer from scaling and build up from exposure to hard water.

Aquamatic Valve


Refurbish Kitsaquamatic valve refurbishment kit

Global Water Services stocks both valves and repair kits to stop leaky valves. The rubber repair kit comes with a new diaphragm and all the seals and o-rings you need to overhaul a single valve. We also supply a overhaul kit for the metal internals of the valve set.

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The GWST-1001 and 1002 (patent pending) Retainer plate removal tool is used in place of the Factory GT Tool (421 and 424 Series valves). Our design allows for ease of use with a wrench or socket drive, along with the tools ability to remain in contact with the retainer plate a full 360 degrees of rotation. Our tool remains vertical with little chance of slippage. This reduces the instances of keyway disengagement which causes retainer plate damage.

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Aquamatic Valve Repair