About Us

Our Story:

gws100x100Global Water Services, LLC  – Founded in 2010 by Keith Huebner. The company was born of a need by equipment manufacturers and sales companies to provide their customers with competent startup, commissioning, and service capabilities.

We serve the needs of equipment manufacturers, a variety of sales representatives, chemical companies, and the end user (single and multi facility companies, and Institutions).

We perform water equipment consulting, design, commissioning, and service, at installations such as Nuclear and Fossil fuel Power Plants, Oil Fields and Refineries, Drilling operations, Food and Beverage Conglomerates, Hotels and Resorts, Universities and Medical Centers, and generally at facilities where failure of a water treatment system will cause shutdown of the plants production, or a significant impact to the operation of the facility, with the resultant failure causing immediate negative results and significant costs.

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The Global Water Services Team:

Global Water Services founder, Keith Huebner, has 18 years of progressive experience Commissioning complex systems around the globe in 10 countries and 49 of the 50 states.

Keith Huebner has presented training classes at the Water Quality Association convention, PowerGen convention, and for ASPE technical symposiums. In addition, he has trained operators and engineering staff on the operation, maintenance, and servicing of complex water systems, along with design difficulties and pitfalls of design for engineering staff of water treatment manufacturing companies.

In addition to our headquarters in Mount Vernon, Iowa, we have representatives and staff based in St. Louis, MO, and Orlando, FL, servicing a network of customers around the globe.