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Hard Water Problems: Why you need water conditioning.

Image courtesy USGS – http://water.usgs.gov/owq/hardness-alkalinity.html

Most of the United States’ water supply can be classified as hard water. What does this mean? You are using more soap and shampoo, to still end up with dry skin and dull hair. You are wasting laundry detergent, only to end up with scratchy sheets and gray whites. Your shower head is slowly getting plugged up with hard water deposits and your shower walls are riddled with hard water spots. What you don’t see is your hot water pipes slowly clogging up with scaling, much like a clogged artery, reducing flow! Your water heater is full of this scaling also, reducing its usable life!

Water Conditioner Parts and Systems

Water conditioning is no longer just for large businesses and industry. Many homeowners in Iowa already have adapted to hard water by installing water softeners. These small, unobtrusive devices will remove calcium, leaving you with purer water! You will notice a difference right away!

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