RO Membrane Cleaning

Deteriorating RO Membranes?Industrial RO Water

Rather than replacing a poorly flowing RO membrane, consider getting your membranes cleaned to restore performance! We have several cleaning options:

  • Clean-in-Place (CIP): membranes stay inside your RO while cleaning, reducing equipment downtime
  • Clean on-site: A technician will bring cleaning equipment to your facility for on-site service
  • Off site: Ship us your membranes. We will clean them and perform pre and post flow and quality testing. There is no charge if your membranes don’t meet or exceed your specifications and we will dispose of them at no charge.

Contact us to schedule your cleaning!

Why do RO Membranes foul?

A proper reverse osmosis setup should give you many gallons of worry free operation on your membranes. RO Membranes are not sacrificial filters; the contaminants removed by a well tuned RO should not consume membranes, but rather be separated into the concentrate stream and diverted to the drain. We can trace fouling membranes to issues in the pre-RO treatment (you have pre-RO treatment right?), or a flow rate mis-adjustments.

Although we would be happy to keep replacing or refurbishing your membranes, a systems review by one of our service engineers could save you money in the long run. Give us a call to get your equipment running as intended.