Systemax Controllers

Replacement / Repair

Systemax Controller

A Systemax Controller sends commands out to the various valves on your water softener to control normal operation and regeneration. Because timing and proper sequencing is essential for quality water softening, the unit must be functioning, and be programmed correctly. A faulty or mis-programmed controller can waste salt, or cause hard water to pass through.

Although no longer in production, Global Water Services can service your Systemax 2000 and Systemax 2014 controller, or help you choose a replacement water system controller to last you for years to come. Contact us to get your water equipment back on line!

Systemax 2000 and 2014 Service Manual

Download the Service Manual for your Systemax Controller in .pdf format below, let us know if you need any assistance beyond that.

Systemax 2000 Service Manual

Systemax 2014 Service Manual