Water Softener Resin

Knowing how a water softener works, you know that resin is a critical component of any water softening system, regardless of size or application. The actual softening of the water occurs as water passes through the resin bed, which over time can wear out depending on input water quality, chlorine exposure, iron fouling, and flow rates both low and high. Replacing a softener’s resin with new resin can instantly boost a softeners Calcium removing ability and reduce pressure drops.

Types of water softener resin:

We can supply softener resin for Industrial, Commercial, and residential systems. We also have specialty resins for complex applications such as Pharmaceutical systems requiring mixed bed deionizing resins..

Some of our resin products:

  • Standard Softener Resins
    • 8% Cross linked Cation Resin in Sodium (Na+) form
    • 10% Cross linked Cation Resin in Sodium (Na+) form
  • UltraPure Lab Grade
  • Semi Conductor Grade Deionizing
  • Anion Resin
  • Mixed Bed

Contact us with your requirements and let one of our specialists help you select the right water softener resin.